Diet & Nutrition

How many calories do I need?


Your daily calorie will depend on you as an individual, age, weight, gender, daily activities and your training program that you do. It is simply your personal needs, whether it is to maintain, reduce or gain weight. It is possible though to estimate the number of calories that you need as an individual to function on a daily basis for your body weight and level of daily physical activity.

Step 1: work out your BMR (basal metabolic rate) this put simply is what your body needs just to function at rest.


For Women BMR = 22 x weight in Kg

For Men BMR = 24 x weight in Kg  

Step 2: work out your PAL (Physical activity level) this is simply your lifestyle activity level over an average day.

Inactive: 1.2

Moderately active: 1.4

Active: 1.5

Very Active: 1.7


Now to get your daily calorie needs to maintain the weight you are = BMR x PAL.


If you eat fewer calories you will lose weight

If you eat more then you will gain weight


It does get a bit more complicated than this, but have a go for yourself. Are you eating too much or too little for your activity level?

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